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On-line task-based learning
for established workers

Certificate Opportunity
One-on-One Instruction
School-Supplied Equipment
Monthly Reporting and Daily Attendance
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Program Information

General Office (6, 9, 12 months)
This program prepares students for diverse administrative roles in various industries. It emphasizes the transferability of skills, allowing individuals to leverage past non-office experiences. Training includes typing, filing, business communication, and essential office procedures. CIP: 52.0408

Transportation Clerk (Dispatch) (6, 9, 12 months)
Trainees learn to manage transportation services, covering industry basics, communication equipment, and dispatch operations. CIP: 52.0302

Medical Office (9, 12 months)
This program prepares students for roles in medical offices, emphasizing data processing, medical record-keeping, and office procedures. CIP: 51.0710

Medical Coder/Biller (12 months)
Focused on medical coding and billing, this program delves into medical records, insurance applications, and relevant regulations. CIP: 51.0713

Accounting Technician and Bookkeeping (9, 12 months)
Aimed at supporting accountants, this program covers accounting basics, software operation, and bookkeeping tasks. CIP: 52.0410